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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Top Free Online Tools for Optimizing Your Website Speed and Performance

Website Speed Up

 It is very well known, that Google update its algorithm day by day. The search engine targeted on websites that follow spammy backlinks, domain ownership, black hat SEO (keyword stuffing, Cloaking, Doorway pages) and poor-quality content. But after the escalating era of mobile devices and mobile web, Google updated its Algorithm to include ranking signal, which is none other than the website loading speed. It has now become one of the biggest factors of your website’s value and ranking point, making it one of some necessities for SEO webmasters who want their site get ranked well in SERP.
Tweet: it is harmless referrer spam and has no effect on anything except messing up Google Analytics reports. via @Semnaveenkumar In this blog post, we will discuss some free online website speed test tool for optimizing web performance. We all know website speed play an imperative role in this internet era for website success. With passing ages and surprising improvement in web-based technology, the average browser is familiar to speedily loading pages and apps. If your website is initiating reduced loading time, you will lose Attention of your Regular customers. Website speed improves the experience of visitors.

Why should we care about the loading time of webpage?

We need to worry about this because some of web site factor depends upon website speed seems like Bounce rate, search ranking, Conversion, page view and reader satisfaction.

Some Of Case Study Says: 

73% of web users say that they’ve bumped into a website that has poor loading time.
51% of internet users in U.S say if loading time of a website is low they don’t go through with that site.
47% of web user expects a web page load within 2sec. Or less. During peak traffic times, 75 percent customers are ready to visit competitor sites instead of dealing with a slow loading page.

Factors that Slows Down Your Website Speed!

Maximum no of Ads-

Of course, there is a no need to display ads on your website when have a high level of traffic. However, this is one of the major reasons for high bounce rates are slow-loading ads.

Optimize your Image-

 Un-optimized images effect 90% of the sites involved in the Alexa 1000. Large images can also make downloading the page a problem. Use PNG files as a logo and Icon, where JPEG format images performance better for photos.

Filter out Unnecessary Plugins-

If, you are using word press and Running multiple Plugin’s which contributes slower loading time for web pages. So you have to uninstall plugin’s which doesn’t require.

Designing of theme- 

Yes, Of Course, Designing is also a factor of website loading time because while we want to sites looks amazing keep in mind theme isn’t bringing your load time to screeching halt.

Free Online to Test and Improve Site Speed

If you’re still facing problem of website speed, or you’re just want to know how your webpages are doing so there are many more online tools that can test the speed of website and also helps you to improve the speed of webpages.

PageSpeed Insights

Just paste your Website URL in give text box and click submit button then  you will get instant Report of website performance mobile as well as the desktop view.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

If you want to test individual pages, then Pingdom can deliver some strong reports. The Amazing thing about Pingdom is that your results will reflect real-time condition because the tests are performed on real browsers like Chrome.

Load Impact

Dissimilar the other tools we’ve planned, Load Impact doing situation where your page is submerged with users. This imitation will define the areas where your site blows, as well as how to fix any problems before they happen.

Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of website speed test tools available and many variables that can define which tool is best for testing your site. However, if you are looking for something that is easy to use and produces a broad report, I Recommend starting with one of the three tools mention on this list.


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